Review Policy

I don't think of my reviews as really reviews. You know, like those really elaborate pieces of writing you find in the Sunday Times. They're just my thoughts on whatever book I recently read. Basically just my silly little opinion. But it's mine and whatever I say in my reviews shouldn't be taken to heart in the event that it bothers you. I know there are the fanatics and that very small group of authors who can't take criticism that feel the need to defend what they love. But what can I say (shrug) that's how life is and the world keeps turning whether someone likes your book (or a book you love so much) or not. In short, get over it.

This is a blog where the author writes what SHE wants. The good. The bad. The in between.
*Review policy has been deleted for now because I'm not accepting review requests at the moment. 
Will update in the future.

UPDATED 1/7/13